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The Wings of Change

MitchMitch Werwai
Race: Minidragon
One day on his rounds as a Ranger a series of events resulted in very unwanted consequences. First being forced to take the enthusiastic Hazel Reidon under his wing as an apprentice. Secondly having to play caretaker to a small group of orphaned pixy children. Perhaps the only thing keeping him from abandoning the whole deal is the set of strange circumstances surrounding the situation.


 Hazel Reidon
Race: Half Elvian (winged elf)
Gender: Female
Disposition: Confident
Role: Growing up as a half breed isn’t easy, and Hazel is no exception. The treatment she received in the Elvian village led her to the conclusion that she wanted, no...she HAD to become a ranger and be respected. Now she’s managed to become a Ranger apprentice but has no concept of how extraordinary her abilities are. In particular, a telepathic sense that lets her communicate with anything capable of thought. 

FloraFlora Fean
Race: Pixy
Gender: Female
Disposition: Secretive
Role: The oldest of the pixy orphans, a young teenager who is wise beyond her years. She’s the sister of Lenalai Fean, who she shares a healthy sibling rivalry with. More often than not Flora is really the one managing to curb the destructive tendencies of the younger pixy children.Yet there are times she’s able to talk then into working on schemes...but to what ends?


Lenalai Fean
Race: Pixy
Gender: Female
Disposition: Mischievously evil
Role: Her talent of levitation and a fondness for shiny objects of all shapes and forms has caused the young girl to the conclusion that she wants to be a thief when she grows up. Meanwhile she tries to outdo her older sister, Flora Fean. Most often this doesn’t work and her schemes fail horribly. This only encourages Lenalai further.

ElleEllenaseria Relnasheen
Race: Pixy
Gender: Female
Disposition: Sweet
Role: Kind and caring, Ellenaseria (nicknamed Elle) acts as the moral compass among the pixy children. The flaw with Elle being the moral compass is that she’s often too shy and soft-spoken to really be of much use. Most of the time she simply gets pulled into the adventures that Dalae and her best friend Lenalai get involved in, hoping her ability to solidify air will keep them safe enough.


Dalae Andarl
Race: Pixy
Gender: Male
Disposition: Hyperactive
Role: Supplies most of the props for any of the kid’s adventures, owning a bottomless play chest full of an endless number of toys, costumes, and boxes. Dalae is the youngest and by far the most hyperactive of the pixy children. Anytime you see the boy, he’s moving around somehow. Flitting from place to place, terrorizing the local wildlife, playing yet another of his games, and fidgeting if he has to stand still. Where he gets this energy from, who knows?


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